The World’s Littlest Spa – Your Bathroom!

Spa-style bathrooms continue to top the lists of trends. If you thought because your bathroom is on the small side its a style you have to pass by, think again! With the right tips and tricks, you can turn your bath into the world’s littlest spa! And we’ve got advice from Real Simple!

The trick is to choose small bathroom decorating ideas and organizers that are specifically designed to make the most of limited square footage.

Small Room, Big Visual

In a cramped bathroom, the shower curtain is likely one of the biggest features in the room.

Play that up by using the shower curtain to add color and visual interest to the room! You can opt for anything from a monochrome print to actual art-print curtains.

Slim It Down

Even if your bathroom doesn’t boast much floor space, adding a cozy bathmat underfoot can warm up the entire room.

It’s also another chance to add color!

Door Decor

Set the scene by adding a charming stoneware plaque to the bathroom door. This little detail exudes French country style—without taking up any space in the room itself.

And since doors are often overlooked when we decorate the house, a door sign will get notice!

Go Green

We’ve told you before – not only do plants add aesthetic appeal and clean the air, studies show they’re good for your psychological health! Add a few to the bathroom!

Even better: [A] faux succulent doesn’t require light or water, making it ideal for cramped, windowless bathrooms.

Just rinse it under the shower when it gets dusty and put it back in its spot!

Hanging Shelves

Clutter tends to make the space look even smaller. You’ll want to tidy and organize while being mindful of valuable space. So look up… to the walls!

To make the most of every square foot, opt for wall-hanging shelves that leave the counters and floor clear.


Have you used other tricks to make your bath a tiny spa? Share your tips in the comments!