It’s Time to Talk Tile!

There are quicker (and often easier) ways to makeover your bathroom than tile… yet it maintains its timeless popularity. And there’s good reason for that!

Replacing tiles that are damaged, stained, outdated or just not to your liking is an opportunity not just to refresh a bathroom, but to give it a whole new style.

We’ve got tips from The New York Times to help you make a total tile transformation!

Start By Choosing Your Tile

While that may sound remedial, it’s good advice. And you have a lot of decisions to make! What type of material might you like? Is there a particular “feel” you’re going for in the bath?

Ceramic is the most common material for bathroom tiles, but there are several other popular options, including natural stone, glass and cement.

Among those materials, you still have choices like color and texture. So take your time, examine samples, and shop around! Tile lasts for decades, so you want to be sure you’ve put thought into your decisions!

Design around your decision

Whatever you choose, it will set the design direction for the room — especially if the tile has a graphic pattern or bold colors.

If you’ve chosen a solid color, you’ll need visual interest from other things in the room. If you’ve chosen a patterned or dramatic tile, it’s best to play down other surfaces and let your tile be the star of the show!

“When you’re driven by a specific color or pattern, it really informs all the other decisions,” said Keren Richter, who runs the Brooklyn interior design firm White Arrow with her husband, Thomas Richter.

It’s also why they – and we – suggest you choose your tile first!


We’ll be back with more tips for once you’ve chosen your tile… so stay tuned for more tile talk!