More Talk About Tile!

We recently told you it’s time to talk about tile… and we shared a few tips via The New York Times on how to use it to create a total transformation in your bathroom!

To update a bathroom, you could swap out the cabinet pulls and switch the faucet. But if you’re ready for a bigger change, almost nothing is more effective than new tile.

We gave you the basics – start with the tile and design around your decision! Now we’re back with more!

Show Off Your Shape

Or rather, vary them for aesthetic appeal.

The shapes of the tiles can also add visual interest, especially when you use different forms on different surfaces.

Instead of leaving your bathroom tiles uniform, play with different shapes on different surfaces. Or create a focal point with a dramatic tile shape in a particular area, while choosing understated options for everywhere else.

Play With Patterns

Another more subtle way to change the look of tile is to vary the installation pattern.

Simple square and rectangular tiles don’t have to be installed in a grid. In fact, while a grid, or straight stack, looks modern and clean, it can also feel cold or institutional. A common option is an alternating, or running bond, pattern that staggers tiles like bricks in a wall.

You could also create a herringbone or chevron pattern which changes up the visual while keeping to the same color, texture, and style of tile.

Don’t Forget About the Grout

Grout is (or can be) more than just the goop that hold the tiles on.

With all those colors and shapes to play with, it’s easy to forget about the humble material that holds it all together: grout. But the color of the grout and the width of the grout lines have a big effect on how your bathroom is going to look.

A contrasting grout can make quite the visual impact. And colored grout means less white grout to scrub and battle against mildew!


Can you think of other tile tips you’ve used or learned? Drop them in the comments and share!