Make a Splash With Your Backsplash!

When you decide to change the look of your bathroom, don’t neglect the obvious – your backsplash!

Bathroom backsplashes may be the unsung heroes of the simple bathroom design world. These wall covers can completely change the look and feel of a room, and like barn doors for bathrooms, they’re multitaskers—they protect the wall from water damage at the same time.

The folks at Real Simple point out that you can use a wide variety of materials, and the shape and dimensions are completely customizable to your taste and bathroom. And the backsplash is something even renters can modify, because there are “peel and stick” styles!


Choosing a Backsplash

Your options for a backsplash are so varied that the only real limits are your imagination and your budget. And there’s no personal style you can’t accommodate.

They can contribute to the floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile trend, or they can be a standalone strip of accent tile. They can even handle even edgier style choices, such as just covering the wall space directly behind the sink, a utilitarian, near-industrial decision that would pair well with the exposed pipe shower trend.

With a little thought into the things that will accent your backsplash, you can really make a splash!

Paired with gorgeous tile floors, curated mirrors, and clever storage solutions, bathroom backsplashes can guide the aesthetic direction of a room—and give even a small bathroom a powerful dose of style and sophistication.

You could choose patterned tile or wallpaper, cement tile or weathered brick. Or you could stick to a well-loved bathroom staple like white subway tile. Maybe you’ll decide on a simple tile in an interesting pattern like herringbone!


Starting to see why the backsplash is a place you can make a real style splash? What are some of your ideas? Drop ’em in the comments!