The Newest Look For Bathrooms Is Hardcore!

Bathroom trends come and go, and there’s a new one gaining popularity now! After years of the luxurious spa style being the go-to, we’re seeing something in the complete opposite direction…

The industrial bathroom.

If you’re keen on your bathroom being on trend for 2019, think concrete, metal, mesh and matt black.

We’ve got more from, including tips to make this new look yours!

Get Hardcore!

Forget the Italian marble and snow-white porcelain. Think gritty!

Charcoal-grey concrete underpins the industrial aesthetic.

It can offer the sophisticated feel of a smooth, sanded surface or the rugged charm of porous, unrefined features.

Just keep in mind that while concrete is durable and low maintenance, it is heavy. Make sure your project – whether floor, basin, or bench – can handle the load.

Black out!

Matte-black is already popular in its own right, and it goes especially well with the industrial look.

“Matt-black tapware is very popular due to its ability to pair well with different design and style trends,” Mr Grigor explained. “And it complements natural features like stone and timber so beautifully.”

Warm with wood!

Soften the look of your bathroom and add warmth with wood.

He had noted a trend towards using timber such as recycled wood that was rougher and less refined than the norm, celebrating the natural imperfections.

“Reclaimed wood gives a great rustic and worn-in charm while creating warmth and softness when juxtaposed against colder industrial materials such as metal and concrete,” he said.

But don’t forget that it is a bathroom. You’ll want to use a moisture resistant wood like cedar or teak, or be certain that all of your wood is properly treated to survive the humidity of being in the bath.

Get into heavy metal!

While chrome has long been a bathroom staple, you’ll want to skip it for this trend.

Metallics are typically associated with industrial spaces, but steer away from using large amounts of cold, sterile metals in bathrooms as it diminishes the inviting tone.


We admit it… this is a trend we think could be gorgeous, done right! What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Have an idea on how to make it better? Let us know in the comments!