MORE Things to Remember When You Remodel the Bathroom!

When you remodel the bathroom, you’ll make a plan and think it out, and try to remember absolutely everything…

But you won’t.

You might think you only need to consider the toilet, sink, and tub, but a good renovation factors in much more—things that are commonly forgotten by amateur DIYers.

We recently shared some things to remember when you remodel the bathroom, especially if you plan to sell in the future. Now, via, we’ve got more renovation easy-to-forget details that you’ll want to remind yourself to remember.

Clear the air.

Your bathroom has a different climate than the rest of your house, and the theme is humidity.

Proper ventilation is crucial to preventing trapped odors and clearing the moisture in the air, which can cause mold growth.

An exhaust fan in the bathroom is just a must. If you don’t have one, install one. And if there’s already a fan, consider an update if it’s original to the room.

Watch your step.

Flooring can make the room, and you have a lot of beautiful options for the bathroom. Just make sure your choice doesn’t trip you up.

“Nonslip flooring—including the shower floor—is crucial… Sometimes clients fall in love with a tile that is slippery, and they need to fall in love with a non-slippery tile instead.”

Remember your stuff.

When it comes to the bathroom, we tend to underestimate our stuff. Towels, bathing products, makeup, grooming product, and more.

And make sure you set aside enough storage for toilet paper—in an easily reachable and obvious place. Guests shouldn’t be fumbling through the depths of your cabinetry if the roll runs out while they’re on the squatter.


It ain’t gonna clean itself.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet developed the tech for a self-cleaning bathroom. And until we do, someone (probably you) is going to have to clean your new bathroom. Plan accordingly.

Don’t make your job more difficult. When placing your vanities, allocate enough room to clean.

In fact, take a good, long look at your current bathroom, and think about your toughest cleaning spots. Then do yourself a favor, and remodel them away!


Can you think of anything else that’s easy to forget – but important to remember – when you remodel the bath? Let us know what you think in the comments!